Alacrity Cleantech Talks

Monitoring Our Oceans with Ocean Diagnostics and MarineLabs

Episode Summary

Season 2, Episode 5 of Cleantech Talks features host Peter Van Der Gracht in a conversation with Dean Wenham, CEO at Ocean Diagnostics, and Scott Beatty, CEO at MarineLabs. The podcast touches on how they began their companies and how their technologies help us learn more about the impact of human activity and climate change on our oceans.

Episode Notes

-Peter Van Der Gracht, senior advisor at Alacrity Canada, talks to Dean Wenahm of Ocean Diagnostics and Scott Beatty of MarineLabs about their ocean technologies 

-hear about how the companies use bluetech to helps us learn more about our oceans and coastlines, along with the impact that human activity and climate change are having on them

-origin stories of the two CEOs and how they founded their companies

-what are the key use cases and customers 

-how do these companies go to market?

-quantifying customer benefits and returns on investment

-what does a typical sales cycle look like in the oceantech space

-what was the biggest surprise in the entrepreneurial journey

-the next key milestone for these companies

-what do these two founders see in the future of oceantech